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Below is a wealth of websites, with incredible delicious ways to eat Plant Strong, just click on any picture and you will go to their website which will give you any type of dish you desire.

People are falsely led to believe we need animals for protein, cows milk and cheese for calcium, and fish for omega 3 fats, but the truth is those foods are the cause of our ill health and weight gain. Our anatomy works perfectly on whole, unrefined, fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds. These plant foods given to us freely by nature, have 100% of the nutrients we need including protein, calcium and healthy fats.
This way of eating is also simple, delicious, inexpensive and very effective at helping people lose weight and cure health problems.
To make this work you can’t live on salads alone, you’ll get bored and be hungry all the time. Your diet MUST be starch based (whole beans, potatoes, and grains). This way of eating allows you to eat all you want, and none of the foods will block your arteries, feed cancer or attach to your body as fat. But you have to get oils of all types out of your diet as much as possible (dressings, creams, fried food and even added olive oil. The fat you eat is literally the fat you wear both on your body and within your arteries. Fruits and veggies naturally have good healthy fat in them, you don’t need to add it or cook with it. Try not to eat anything fried, no potato chips or fries (at lest as little of those foods as possible) no extra oils added (use vegetable broth instead of olive oil).
Here’s a sample day;
Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries on it with Almond milk. (For me it’s just fruit, the ultimate fast food)
Mid-morning snack on fruit.
Lunch: Bean and Rice Burrito NO CHEESE with a side salad and balsamic dressing.
Mid-Afternoon snack Raw almonds (just a few)
Dinner: A large Sweet Potato with steamed veggies, corn on the cob or another salad (balsamic dressing)