All animals were given the tools at birth to eat the food they are meant to eat. Humans are no different.
When we see a dead or injured animal, we're sad.
A true carnivore or omnivore is thinking lunch.
With the tools we were born with, the fastest humans...
...can't compare with the fastest carnivores.
By design our small mouth and teeth can't come close..,. the tools a true carnivore or omnivore were given.
The strongest man is a wimp...
...when competing with the strongest animals.
Our hands are perfect for picking fruit or pulling vegetables.
A meat eater by design has the tools to kill and eat it's prey.
Humans have the longest intestines relative to their size than ANY other animal-over 10 times the length of our body!
A carnivore's intestines are only 2 times the length of it's body, designed to get the meat out before it rots.
<This is natural.
Humans are the ONLY species on the planet that are drinking the milk of another species. And the only creatures that continue drinking milk into adulthood.
That is not.>
Our DNA 'proves we are vegetable starch eaters.
Replace your meat with whole grains, beans, corn & potatoes.
By design, we are a living, breathing juice extractor.
Animal flesh is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol, plants have NO saturated fat or cholesterol.
Animal cholesterol and saturated fat clogs our arteries.
Clogged arteries are the  #1 cause of human death, heart disease.
The artery on the left (A) was blocked by animal flesh, BUT was opened by plants(B). No drugs, no surgery.
Osteoporosis is a disease of excess animal protein (amino acids), NOT lack of calcium.
Our body pulls calcium from our bones to dilute the acid.
The biggest, strongest, longest living animals on the planet are ALL plant eaters.
Plants have ALL the protein and calcium humans need. The ONLY protein deficient humans are those who don't have ENOUGH to eat.
Professional football player Tony Gonzalez and nine-time Hawaii Iron Man winner Dave Scott are two of MANY athletes performing better on a 100% plant-based diet.
Switching to the diet we were designed to eat will allow YOU to function properly, and will serve our planet as well.
It's easy, just follow these steps and see how what you eat affects EVERYTHING.
Eat nothing with a face or products that come from any animal!
Try not to eat anything or very little food made by man. This includes oils which are 100% fat.
Eat exclusively, a wide variety of  FRUITS  & VEGETABLES: 
Mostly RAW (uncooked).
Replace ALL animal food with whole unprocessed STARCHES like:
Oats, Brown Rice, Corn ,Beans and Potatoes.
 As mankind learns that raising animals for food is unnecessary and the demand for animals decreases, the need for more fruits, vegetables and whole grains will increase. Then the planet (as well as we who live on it) will NATURALLY heal itself.
Eating food we are designed to eat is a
 Win Win Win proposition!
Start at your next meal!
More than 50 % of fresh water is diverted to grow grain.
More than 80% of the grain grown is fed to animals, not humans.
The majority of de-forestation is the result of growing grain for animals or raising animals for food.
Food we don't need.
The trash produced by man made processed food is unnecessary and literally burying our planet.
The methane gas produced by animals is a much greater contributor to global warming then all the automobiles on the planet.
The world wide transportation of animals and animal food makes the animal industry the GREATEST contributor to the warming and pollution of our planet.
 The unnecessary slaughtering of 70 billion land animals and over a 100 billion sea creatures a year, is not only inhumane, but many feel that the violent deaths of these creatures is creating a more violent human being:
Bite by Bite.